PJSC "Aeroflot"

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

PJSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines is the largest

aviation company of the Russian Federation and the main national

carrier. The company is engaged in the transportation of passengers and carries out

international and domestic flights departing from Moscow

Sheremetyevo airport.

It should be noted that Aeroflot is a member of the International

Air Transport Association (IATA). In addition, since 2006,

is part of SkyTeam, the second largest of

of all aviation alliances in the world. This allows the company to carry out

flights to 1050 destinations in 175 countries. On the territory of Russia, the company has

five branches located in cities such as St. Petersburg,

Kaliningrad, Perm, Vladivostok and Krasnoyarsk.

As of October 2020 at the disposal of the company

there are 244 aircraft. Most of them are owned by companies

Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and Sukhoi SuperJet 100

It should be noted that the Aeroflot group includes network

airlines "Aurora", "Russia", "Aeroflot". In addition, there is also

low-cost airline "Victory". This group also includes profile

companies working in related fields. Total share of Russia in capital

Aeroflot accounts for 57.34%. At the same time, the percentage of free shares,

in circulation is 40.65%. And here is the management of the company

has at its disposal only 0.05 shares.

All shares of this company are traded on Moskovskaya

exchange under the ticker AFLT. In addition, they are included in the quotation

first level sheet. Outside the state, the shares of this company

circulate in the form of world depositary receipts,

present on the OTC market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

For 9 months of last year, the company has reached this level

passenger turnover - 53.7 billion passenger-kilometers. Wherein

passenger seats were occupied by 73.3%. It can be noted that in total, the company transported 23.1 million passengers.

Now let's move on to the income that was received from the implementation

main activity. It is noted that for 9 months of last year

the company's revenue under IFRS fell by about 55.3%. This is in comparison with

the same period in 2019. In monetary terms, this amounts to

234,213 million rubles. At the same time, EBITDA was only 180

million rubles. In addition, the company's net loss is 79,406

million rubles.