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Why Bitcoin is better than other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin developed in the context of the ideas of decentralization and

anonymity and competed with other cryptocurrencies within

free competition. The history of the bitcoin rate makes it stand out from

the number of analogs.

Information technology has already brought a lot to our

life, changing its appearance. These technologies include

cryptocurrency is an anonymous means of payment based on

blockchain technology. It would seem that all cryptocurrencies are the same

Are just special electronic assets, which are a code with algorithms that protect it from hacking. Of course, there are similarities, but everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. In fact, cryptocurrencies vary significantly. For example, bitcoin is worse in terms of functionality and speed of operations than its competitors, altcoins . Why, then, Bitcoin remains the market leader?

It turned out that altcoins grew on the shortcomings and problems of bitcoin. The creators had much more opportunity to assess the pros and cons of the first cryptocurrency before

to sell their more advanced electronic assets. Among other things, the creator of bitcoin, known as Satoshi Nakamoto, posted the code of his currency in the public domain, due to which

It became easier for creators of other currencies to start - they made their currencies based on the existing code. The creator of bitcoin thus wanted to create competition and create a market around it, within which the development of cryptocurrencies is possible. Based on the shortcomings of bitcoin and its source code, altcoins entered the market, trying unsuccessfully to compete with

pioneer. Despite the merits of alcoins, bitcoin is the most widespread and famous today. Newcomers to cryptocurrency trading start with it, bypassing

attention of competitors. In the news about cryptocurrencies, it is constantly said that bitcoin is growing, eclipsing its counterparts. Now the bitcoin rate is approaching $ 60,000 and is expected to be much higher.

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