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For an inexperienced investor, the risk of losing money is high. A way to minimize risks, entrust money to professional participants in the financial market - investment companies. They will undertake complex market research, take into account the state of the economy and save time and hassle. It is enough for an investor, for example, to buy a share or share of such a company and wait for profit.
There is a risk of loss of funds invested in an investment company. Only banks, thanks to deposit insurance, can guarantee the safety of funds in the amount of no more than 1.4 million rubles. But investment companies offer to earn 8-20 annual profits and even more. A bank deposit will give a much lower income - from three to five percent.
Financial pyramids and investment "geniuses" - brokers promising fifty, one hundred, one thousand and more percent per year, do not belong to the classical understanding of investment. If the former are simply scammers, the latter are engaged in high-risk financial instruments. They are capable of easily losing customer money, not to mention profits. It looks more like a casino and sports betting than an investment.

      What is an investment company?
They are called funds. They serve for collective investment. The money is combined into a common portfolio and invested in various assets (stocks, precious metals, real estate). For example, stocks and bonds give good diversification when investing, because funds are invested in several securities at once. There can be dozens and even hundreds of them. The ruin of even ten stock companies that the fund acquired does not lead to serious losses for investors.
Joint stock investment funds are, as a rule, closed and open joint stock companies, part of the shares that the investor acquires. Closed - shares are distributed among a known circle of owners. Their shares may not even be traded on the market. Public - they issue shares and sell them to everyone, and at any time an additional issue of shares can be assigned.
Mutual funds are a set of common property of shareholders, which has been transferred to the management company of the fund for trust management for a certain period. The ownership of the investment share is confirmed by a special security that has no par value. These funds are not legal entities.

  How to choose a reliable investment company?
1. You need to check the availability of a valid license issued by the Central Bank.
2. In a reliable company, the investor is asked to sign a formal agreement signed and stamped by the company.
3. How long has the company been on the market. A pyramid scheme or a company with illiterate specialists in the field of finance would have gone bankrupt long ago.
4. What is the volume of the portfolio and the number of investors who have entrusted their money to the investment company? If there is a lot, then they trust her and this attracts new investors.
5. What percentage of profitability the investment company promises. If it is above fifteen, then this should be alarming.
6. What instruments are common or high-risk investment company invests in. The more risky assets, the greater the likelihood of financial losses.
7. How the customer service works and how the company's website is designed. Reliable companies have no complaints about the hotline, and the quality of the site favorably shows the face of the company. The site contains information about the company's management, auditors' reports on the activities.
Is it worth investing money in an investment company?
For people without investment experience, it is better to entrust money to a trusted and reliable investment company. The cost of learning from your mistakes can become prohibitively high. You shouldn't keep all your eggs in one basket and invest your savings only in an investment company. You will have to bear the risk of losses yourself. It will be wise for a novice investor to choose additional assets for investment: currency, precious metals, real estate.

Bourgeois rentier, investor. From these words comes a heady aroma of success, independence and universal respect. The rapid development of the digital economy provides a wide field of activity for people who want to profit from their investment. But at the same time, a huge number of options for these funds will be deprived. Therefore, you need to start with learning.
The essence of the investment is a long-term investment of tangible or intangible assets in objects of entrepreneurial activity in order to make a profit. Simply put, you need to get what has been accumulated (money, knowledge and skills, property and non-property rights) and place it somewhere, so much so as to receive a stable and tangible income. Since the objects of investment are most often the shares of enterprises, technological innovations, means of production or education, the amount of investment required is significant, and the payback of such investments takes a long time. But the risks here are minimal, although they are still there.
Another type of investment that is often mistakenly referred to as investment is speculation. Instruments of speculation currencies, futures, options, precious metals, stocks and bonds, raw materials, in a word, all the financial instruments present in exchange trading. Speculations do not require large financial investments, they are short-term and quickly pay off. But the risks are also great. The most famous and accessible Forex speculation platform. Upon request, a search engine drops a whole list of companies that provide a training course and access to trading. The same companies provide investment trust management services. The income from such operations is divided 50/50, and you bear the losses.
As the old and wise Jew used to say: "Choose, but be careful ."

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

How analysts find investment ideas

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

There is no universal answer, but several

the most popular methods that are successfully used


First of all, the investment objectives are determined. For

speculative trading you need to apply technical analysis.

Experts are skeptical about this investment method,

its effectiveness is being questioned. Most investors

prefer to invest money based on fundamental

market analysis, although it is considered more complex. However, such

type of investment makes it possible to create your own portfolio based on ideas that will be more successful. The search for these very ideas can be different for each analyst.

Method 1 - from general to specific

This method is used by many large investors. When distributing assets in a portfolio, it is possible to distinguish certain classes that will be in demand in the future in the current economic situation. But they can make up a small percentage in the investment portfolio when managing private capital, they are considered assets with increased risks.

When looking for an investment idea based on this method, the analyst can find an interesting direction. For example, analyzing a certain industry or country, a specialist can find an interesting idea for an investment using multipliers. Using this approach, you can find successful companies in this industry or country.

Method 2 - solid sampling

For this method, screeners from the database of popular rating agencies are used. The analyst selects investment ideas, limiting the shares of global companies to certain conditions and filters. The output may result in several interesting options.

Method 3 - Situation Analysis

This is the final way to find investment ideas. Its essence lies in the fact that the current market situation influences the search result. When there is news about the sudden outstanding profitability of a certain company, the expert can change his attitude towards it and change his recommendations. This is called a reaction to the current situation.

Do not forget that trading on the securities market has always been a high-risk undertaking. It, in turn, is the opposite of profitability. The most successful method for finding an investment idea has not yet been found. Therefore, analytical firms apply their own methods and methods of market analysis. This is not so important for the investor, the income from such ideas and recommendations is important to him.

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