LUKOIL is one of the largest oil and gas companies

worldwide. It is public and vertically integrated. To her share

accounts for about 2% of world oil production and about 1% of proven

hydrocarbon reserves. Since this company has full

production cycle, then she manages to control the entire chain, which

begins with oil and gas production and ends with the sale of petroleum products.

The LUKOIL Group includes companies that

are directly involved in the production of gas and oil, petrochemistry,

oil and gas processing, sales of petroleum products, electricity and

other things. This company operates not only in

the territory of Russia, but also in the countries of Africa, Europe and Asia, on the territory

Mexico and the United States.

It should be noted that the president and concurrent founder

this company is Vagit Alekperov.

The authorized capital includes 692,865,762 ordinary

shares. In this case, the par value of each share is 2.5

penny. Legal entities own 94.57% of the company's shares,

the remaining 5.43% of shares are owned by individuals. Leading package

shares are held by the management of the company.

Ordinary shares are traded on the Moscow Exchange in

a quotation list having the First level. Also, trade

shares of the company are carried out in the form of depositary receipts On

London Stock Exchange. Such promotions are included in various world

indices, which include MSCI Emerging Markets EMEA, MSCI

Emerging Markets Eastern Europe, FTSE Russia IOB, Bloomberg World Oil &

Gas and others.

If we consider the percentage of revenue of this company under IFRS for 9

months of 2020, it decreased by 30.7% in comparison with the same

period last year. Thus, the total revenue amounted to only

4109.1 billion rubles. It turns out that the company "LUKOIL" in 9 months

2020 received a net loss in the amount of 14.3 billion rubles. If a

compared with the same period in 2019, the company had a profit in

in the amount of 520.9 billion rubles.