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In an interview with Real Vision, P. Brandt said that the BTC bitcoin rate will rise by 2.5

times, due to the bullish sentiment in the market. At the same time, the analyst

drew an analogy with the market situation in 2017, while

bitcoin quotes reached $ 20,000. He added that in

the market is currently paused, which should

go to the final stage of growth. If triggered

forecast, BTC will reach $ 200,000.

According to the representative of Bloomberg Intelligence M. McGlone. He

also compares the situation with 2017 and believes that BTC can

cost $ 400,000 already this year.

The brightest forecast for bitcoin , was given by the head of Microstrategy M.

Sailor. In his opinion, the BTC rate will be $ 5 million, with capitalization in

100 trillion $. He added that cryptocurrencies will outperform in the future.

revenues of large companies Amazon, Facebook and Apple. At the same time

the head of the Kraken exchange D. Powell believes that the price of BTC can

reach 1 mln. $ by 2031. At the same time, he suggested that prices in

the world will be calculated not in dollars, but in BTC.

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