PJSC Sberbank of Russia is the largest state-owned bank in the Russian Federation. It provides services to about 51 million people worldwide.

The structure of the corporation includes almost 15 thousand branches, 11 territorial subsidiary banks. Sberbank is one of the world leaders in the number of ATMs and self-service terminals.
Most of all deposits of Russian citizens are in Sberbank. This allows him to be the largest creditor not only to the population, but also to the country's economy.
Sberbank provides absolutely all types of banking services for individuals and legal entities: deposits, loans, salary and credit cards, etc.
In order to maintain competitiveness and increase profits, the bank, having abandoned the usual niche strategy, switched to wide differentiation, increasing the list of services provided on the basis of an ecosystem. The number of non-banking services is growing every year: insurance, telecom, marketplaces, job search, etc.
The company's novelty is Sber-MFC, where bank employees in regions with an insufficient number of multifunctional centers provide services for registering legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, issuing various certificates, informing about taxes, etc.
According to VTsIOM, Sberbank of Russia is one of the five best employers in the Russian Federation. The number of employees is 286 thousand. Nine scientific innovation laboratories help ensure the successful implementation of digital technologies for Sberbank in the following areas: artificial intelligence, robotics, VR, AR, neuroscience and human behavior, etc. The Bank of Russia controls a 50% stake plus one voting share in Sberbank. Free float - 48%.
Sberbank shares are among the most attractive for investment in Russia. High dividends have investors with different incomes to invest their money in shares of Sberbank of Russia. It has offices in many countries of the world, including the USA, Great Britain, as well as the CIS and Eastern Europe.

Sberbank will pay a record dividend for Russia for the second year in a row - 422.4 billion rubles