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About FINAM is the leader of the Russian brokerage market. The company occupies a leading position in the list of brokers in Russia in terms of turnover, the number of active and registered clients on the Moscow Exchange, and is the leader in the futures and options market in terms of the number of active clients. The company representatives work in almost 100 cities of Russia. JSC FINAM is a trading member of the Moscow Exchange, the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, a full member of the National Association of Stock Market Participants (NAUFOR).
FINAM JSC provides a wide range of brokerage services for clients with different levels of capital. The company provides direct access to all leading Russian and foreign stock exchanges and offers investors products with full capital protection, personal advice from experienced managers that increase investment efficiency.
In the fall of 2018, FINAM launched a unique service that allows you to make trading operations without a brokerage commission - FreeTrade. Trading on the stock exchange has become even more accessible, and the investor no longer needs to be distracted by calculating the brokerage commission.
FINAM provides its clients with an innovative service called "Single Account", with the help of which investors can trade from one account on all markets of the Moscow Exchange, as well as on the US NYSE and NASDAQ platforms. A single account has significant advantages over a standard brokerage account - it is a single risk management and cross-collateral, when securities and currencies in any of the markets can be collateral for trading in other markets. By concluding an agreement with the leading Russian broker FINAM JSC, the client receives favorable tariff plans, low commission fees and access to high-tech trading applications. For the convenience of its clients, FINAM provides the opportunity to open an account remotely - you only need a passport and a telephone!
FINAM JSC offers a wide range of free services on the stock market. One of the most popular products is the Auto-Follow service on the website, which allows you to track the strategies and specific deals of the best portfolio managers and repeat them automatically on your account.

The current bitcoin rate in the Finam trade application.

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